elevatorpitchElevator pitch‘ is a term that refers to a quick, concise pitch for your business, product, or service. Its name comes from the idea that your pitch should be short enough that you can give it to a (captive) prospect in the time it takes them to reach their destination in a building’s elevator.

Your elevator pitch is also a great place to start with business video production. If your sales or executive team already has a clean, honed pitch, great – you’re ready to go. If not, here are two solid formulas for the elevator pitch;

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What makes you remarkable?
  4. How can an interested party learn more?


  1. What problem exists in the marketplace
  2. How does your product solve that problem?
  3. How can an interested party learn more?

Once you’ve got your first draft, make it shorter. Once you’ve got your second draft, make it shorter again. Rinse and repeat until you’ve distilled your message down to its very essence. Then, put it on video (with great sound). Put that video on your homepage, and you’ve just massively upgraded your online presence. For some more ideas, check out this handy elevator pitch tutorial from Gartner.