Corporate Video Productions Will Benefit From Final Cut Pro X New Features

Apple finally released their new Final Cut Pro X video editing software this week.   The release is a big deal for video editors because the software has been completely rewritten from the ground up.  Immediately after the release, many video editing experts started criticizing the video editing software for being limited and nothing  more than an enhanced version of iMovie.  Early adopters unimpressed by Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.  Other tech pundits are calling the new release an upgrade. Apple’s Final Cut Is Dead. Long Live Final Cut.

At Rewatchable,  we are very excited about the speed improvements and redesign of the video editing software.  The reality is the software may no longer be as great for Hollywood movie makers like the Cohen Brothers.  Time will tell if Hollywood studios continue to use FCP but we don’t really care.  We don’t think Apple cares much either.   Instead of offering a difficult to use video editing software that caters to a small group of people for $1,000,  FCPX is much easier to learn and only costs $299.    Good video editors will still need thousands of hours of experience. However, someone looking to do basic video editing will be able to be up in running in minutes and still get professional results.

More companies are adding corporate videos to trade shows, websites and their social media strategy mix but some have been slow to come to the party because they are concerned about costs and lost time.  Rewatchable has always been committed to helping businesses create professional videos at affordable prices.  We always will.  We believe there is no better way for a company to tell their story than with video.   FCPX takes away much of the complexity of video editing and will inevitably allow more corporate users to be more creative in exploiting video assets they already have.  In short, Final Cut Pro X will create  a whole new army of corporate video evangelists.  As Martha Stewart would say, “that’s a good thing!”


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