Video Editing Company JayCut Acquired By RIM

Video Editing Company JayCut Acquired By RIM Free online video editor, Jaycut, has been a great resource for anyone looking to do quick and dirty video editing online.   That all changed this afternoon as JayCut announce their video editing service has been gobbled up...

Web Video Promotes Spotify

Web Video Promotes Spotify The internet is abuzz about a new, alleged iTunes killer called Spotify.  Spotify has been rumored to come to the US for many years and now you can get a free Spotify acount if you are lucky enough to get an invite to the service.  The...

Can Video Help SEO?

Can Video Help SEO? Can video help SEO?  As a video production company specializing in web videos, we are probably pretty biased when it comes to answering questions about video helping search engine optimization. With that said, our answer is an unequivocal YES.  For...

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