Until a couple of weeks ago, we had never worked with Stonehill College.  Stonehill is a Catholic college located near Boston in Easton, MA.  They contacted us in early April and asked us if we would be interested in producing fifteen funny, interesting web videos for their  marketing/admissions department.  Sounded great to us.  One catch, they needed the videos shot, produced and delivered by the end of April. We love a good challenge so we said yes. Starting April 15th, the college has released one video per day at www.beaskyhawk.com.

We wrapped up shooting on Tuesday of this week.  Our video crew is a few years out of college so we had a ton of fun being back on a college campus.   We had heard good things about Stonehill College before hitting the campus but we were blown away by the quality of both their students and staff.

Our mandate is to produce fun videos that will both inform and entertain prospective students looking to learn more about the college.  We are happy with what we have produced so far but more importantly the college seems to be very happy with the videos we have delivered.  The truth is we could never have done it without such a great partner.  With such a tight deadline, we needed to collaborate in the truest sense of the word.  At every step, we could rely on the college coming through with the right plan, the right prop and the right student talent.

At Rewatchable, we always talk about how our video production equipment is compact and portable for a reason.  We don’t want to waste our client’s time as they wait for us to set up lights and lug large cameras from one place to the next.  Stonehill looked at several Boston video production companies and they tell us one of the reasons they chose Rewatchable is they liked the fact that our video production process is highly efficient yet we still deliver super high quality video.  Most days we were done early with the videos even though we had only slotted 2-4 hours per video for each shoot.  We never could have gotten so much done with traditional video production equipment needing elaborate lighting design.

One other thing, we were so impressed with the beauty of the campus and the quality of their really smart and super friendly students, we pretty much plan on sending our kids to Stonehill College.  Of course, we expect they will have some say in the matter!



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